Bonnie (Vesilko) Price


When I arrived on the Cedarville campus, I was like so many 18 year olds. I was scared and confused about life although I had to wear confidence and Christian joy on my exterior. On my very first day at Cedarville, I met a delightful fellow freshman. He became my best friend from that day and throughout my Cedarville years and beyond. He and I prided ourselves in being "just friends" while others teased us for the next 4 years about how we were such a cute couple and expected us to invite them to a inevitable wedding. It wasn't until after we graduated that we finally were able to vocalize even to each other that we both were indeed gay. The admission to each other was totally liberating.

Cedarville taught me many things. It was truly a quality education. I was well prepared for my career in education. I have now had a long career being a public high school teacher and college professor. I even began and ran my own private high school for over 10 years where many gay students were welcomed. After many years of being out of the church because of judgmental attitudes, my partner and I have found a place of worship where being a gay couple is a non-issue.

Mostly, from Dr. Greer's philosophy classes to the painstaking Dr. and Mrs. Grosh's courses, I learned to think. I learned to think for myself and to think out of the box. And with that seeking spirit, in time I learned that God was very big and good -- big enough to have sexual diversity in among his people and good enough to bless me with a life partner.

Being gay and a Christian is certainly baffling to some. Being in a committed, loving relationship with someone of the same sex is not comprehendible to some. I debated those issues myself while at Cedarville. I understand how some reading a site like CedarvilleOut.Org will be prone to judgment and criticism. I challenge you of that mindset to remember how God doesn't fit in nice, neat little black and white boxes. He is the Supreme Creator of gay and straight alike. He blesses His own with wonderful, fulfilled partnerships and purpose filled lives.