Erin Rodgers


To anyone questioning sexuality or theology in an environment such as Cedarville, please know that there are other ways of thinking and being which are healthy.

I attended Cedarville 2004-2008 during which I had a relationship with another female student for 2 years. Constant fears of "being caught,“ questioned by staff repeatedly, no one presenting a different opinion on homosexuality aside from "sin.“ This belief permeated our thoughts and even when we were alone could not admit to each other that we were gay.

Eventually we were confronted on our relationship and ended it, mainly because it was "wrong.“ Even after she and I were no longer in communication and I no longer a CU student, I was questioned by church members, told to "sit further away from other women,“ and made to feel less than a whole person.

I had never met an openly gay person, never knew it was an existence I could chose for myself. When I came out, I feared I would lose all my friends, family, and in the end become homeless with no social support. This is what my experience at Cedarville and in the church made me believe would happen.

I can’t speak to each of your personal situations because they are different, and it would cost many CU students quite a bit to be openly gay. I did choose to come out, and my life today is exactly what I want it to be. My church going parents/family went from reluctant to embracing, I have many supportive friends and coworkers (quite a few CU grads), and more importantly, have my partner, MJ. I am living the life I want and could not be happier.

I often tell people there is nothing wrong with having whatever belief system you choose so long as you are not harming others. I am not a Christian, but there is nothing wrong with being Christian; equally, there is nothing wrong with being gay. Just be a good person.

I live in Yellow Springs with my partner of 3 years. We hope to have a home that welcomes all people, but specifically LGBT/questioning CU students who need support.

Erin Rodgers

Yellow Springs, OH