Karen Mowrer


I've now heard every insult possible because I am a straight Christian who supports the LGBTQ community. I'm backslidden or unsaved; I'm a hedonist; I'm a blemish on the Christian faith. I'm no longer afraid of the labels because I've heard them all, but even so, I can't begin to imagine what my gay and lesbian friends at Cedarville have gone through. They have suffered so much heartache at the hands of fundamentalist Christian ideology, and I'm writing this statement so I can publicly support their struggle.

When I graduated from Cedarville with a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies in 2004, I didn't have all the answers, but I knew the part of my classes that resonated with me most was love. Love for the poor, for the widowed, for the defenseless. For everyone at the margins. For everyone whose "otherness" shocks the supposed guardians of righteousness. That's what Christ did, and in this life, that's what I will attempt to do.

I have known many amazing gays and lesbians, and their kindness and love towards their community has been an example to me. Their commitment to each other has rivaled the commitment I've seen among the long-married heterosexual couples I admire. And I cannot believe that the Christ I see in the Bible—a Christ that never once mentioned homosexuality in his earthly ministry—would support ideology that discourages committed love, regardless of gender.

When I think of the spirit of the Bible, I think of love for those society ignores and despises. And as long as the LGBTQ is ignored and despised by some members of Christianity, I will stand beside them.

I only hope that one day, the school that gave me my Bible degree will find the courage to stand by them too.