Sharon Pinkerton


My name is Sharon Pinkerton, although while I attended Cedarville College (1980-1984) I went by "Sherrie." I received a good education at Cedarville, although I was and am ambivalent about the evangelical world view. While my own views on homosexuality (and other issues) have developed since I was at Cedarville, I hope that I always maintained a willing attitude to listen and discuss. I don't believe being gay is a sin.

After graduating with an accounting major, I worked for PWC for almost 3 years before heading to law school at the University of Florida. From there, I headed to Capitol Hill where I worked in politics for almost 13 years. I've gone from attending Presbyterian to an Episcopal church here in DC. During this time I learned that several of my friends from Cedarville were gay, but not out at the time. With some of these friends, I've been able to follow along closely in their struggle with being openly gay and coming to grips with how family, friends, and colleges view them.

I still live in DC and have gone from being the head of policy at the Federal Aviation Administration to running government affairs for the association that represents the airline industry. I continue to have gay friends and colleagues, but I don't view them through that lense. I hope conversations about these issues deepen everyone's understanding.