T.J. Rivetti


My name is Timothy James Rivetti, though my family and friends simply call me T.J. I attended Cedarville College from 1984 through 1987.

From time-to-time I think back on my years at Cedarville with great appreciation and fond memories. I was blessed with some wonderful friends who are still in my life, experienced many '"firsts" and started to formulate my view of the world and my place in it.

Though I did know I was gay while at Cedarville, I tried to convince myself it was only a phase. I earnestly prayed my feelings towards men would somehow diminish and attraction to women would take it's place. Even though my feelings/desires didn't change, I learned how to integrate these feelings into my life as an adult.

I'm most thankful for the experience at Cedarville because it provides me perspective on how the Evangelical World views homosexuals. I firmly believe the views of many Evangelical Christians are changing regarding this important cultural/moral issue.

My hope is this web site facilities a discussion throughout the past and present Cedarville communities on the issues surrounding Gay Civil Rights and their view of homosexual acts as sin.

I live and work in New York City, though split my time between Sharon, Pennsylvania (where I was born and am now renovating an old house) and my Apartment in the Chelsea section in Manhattan. I love New York. It's a place I'll probably be connected to for the rest of my life in some way. I've made great friends here and really do feel like it's home. Since moving here in 1999 -- after living in Washington D.C. for 10 years -- I am constantly amazed at the energy and pace of life here in the Big Apple.

I am currently the Product Integration Director for Inverness Medical Innovations. After 15 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry working for Merck and Johnson & Johnson, I took a job in Marketing at Inverness Medical where I've been since 2004. My current job centers around our HIV Diagnostic Tests where I am heading up our government relations efforts and Public Health initiatives for Rapid HIV Testing. I am gratified that I work in an area of importance to the Gay community. HIV infection is still a huge problem in the U.S. I've learned a lot about HIV/AIDS in the past few years and am humbled to play a small part helping to stop the spread of the epidemic.

My Faith Journey continues to evolve. I converted to Roman Catholicism soon after graduation from Cedarville (my late Father, Anthony Rivetti, was Catholic). During the last 5 years I've withdrawn somewhat from the Catholic Church and now think certain doctrines/beliefs regarding Gays/Lesbians and the role of Women are simply, wrong. The Eucharist celebration does and will always remain a belief I cherish. But for now, I feel a sense of exile from my Church. My belief in God remains strong, but my place in the visible church here in America is peripheral. What I truly believe at this time in my life about religion, sexual orientation, politics and most of all faith, guide me in what institutions and organizations I support with my time and resources. Thank you for taking the time to read our web site.